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Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
Air Humidifier  - sløyfe
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    Air Humidifier - sløyfe


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    Sit down and Relax.

    Air Humidifiers diffusing water

    Enjoy the silence and take a deep breath of your perfectly humidified air, optionally with your preferred aromatic oils!

    Often the answer for the emergence of diseases is simple, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms get into our body with every breath!


    The reason

    The drier the air, the more dust particles buzz through the room air - the "dust binding element" water vapor is missing! Dust particles act as a base carrier for air pollutant particles.

    Low humidity in work and living areas affects animals and humans negatively.
    The Cleveland Clinic reports that dry air may cause problems including:


    • Dry eyes
    • Sore throat
    • Dry nasal passages
    • Bloody nose
    • Make colds and flu worse
    • Chapped skin and lips
    • Itchy, dry skin
    • Worsened asthma and allergy symptoms


    The solution

    "sløyfe" and its ability to humidify air helps to prevent these symptoms. 
    Additionally, it functions as a nightlight thanks to its many different LED color options and looks absolutely beautiful wherever you place it.

    Many different LED Color options

    Please note: The LED colors change a lot slower and smoother than seen in this Image. You stop it at your desired color of choice by holding the button on the back for 3 seconds.


    How it works:

    Our ultrasonic humidifier is vibrating water at ultrasonic speed to break it down, a transducer works to produce a cool mist that is pure and invigorating. This technology explains the low-maintenance and extremely quiet operation. The welcomed pure, light mist that can be seen and felt quickly adds moisture and thus, comfort, to the room. Additionally, you can use it with your favorite aromatic oils!


    Air Humidifiers diffusing water

    1. Plug in the USB power cable and hold the button on the back for 3 seconds.

    2. The Air Humidifier is now activated and the LEDs start to smoothly change colors. You can stop it at your color of choice by holding the button on the back for another 3 seconds. - If you want to turn off the light, simply hold the button on the back again for 3 seconds. The LED lights of the Air Humidifier will turn itself off automatically after 5 hours.

    3. Push the button on the back once, to activate the Air Humidifier function. Push it again to deactivate it. Once activated, the Humidifier will run for 1 hour, then turn itself off automatically.

    Connection: USB
    Power: 1.5-2W
    Voltage: DC5V
    Certificate: CER,RoHS
    Material: ABS + PP
    Water tank: 220 ml
    Additional Functions: Daytime-Function, Timer, different LED colors

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